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Maher Zain - Radhitu Billahi Rabba

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  • Title: Radhitu Billahi Rabba
  • Artist: Maher Zain
  • Genre: Barat
  • Size: 5.23 MB
  • Duration: 05:36 menit
  • Hits: 51x
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 128 kb/s, MP3
  • Dirilis: 06 April 2014
  • Diperbarui: 07 October 2020
Lirik Lagu Radhitu Billahi Rabba :

Radhitu billahi Rabba
Wa bil Islami deena (x2)
Wa bimuhammadin salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam
Nabiyyan wa Rasoola
(I've accepted Allah as my Lord
And Islam as my way of life
And Muhammad - may Allah's peace & blessings be upon him
As Allah's Prophet and Messenger)

Allah You're the source of life
And You're the source of truth
To obey You I strive
And my aim is pleasing You

Allah You are the only One
Your promise is always true
You don't need anyone
But we're all in need of You

And I sincerely pray
To be among the ones You love
And until my final day
I'll say in all my prayers


My eyes cannot see You
And yet my heart believes
Your miracles surround me
So clear and easy to see

Allah You are the greatest
And I submit to You
You know my deepest thoughts
You know everything I do



Sallou 'ala an-Nabi (x9)
(Send salutations upon the Prophet)


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