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Lirik lagu Why? (Piano Version) Rendy Pandugo

Rendy Pandugo 73x dilihat 3 bulan yang lalu
Rendy Pandugo - Why? (Piano Version)

Rendy Pandugo - Why? (Piano Version)

Lirik lagu Rendy Pandugo - Why? (Piano Version) di Stafaband lengkap tanpa daftar. Dengan video klipnya yang berjudul "Rendy Pandugo - Why? (Piano Version) (Offical Audio)", lagu ini resmi rilis pada 31 January 2020. Semua materi yang terkandung di Blog ini termasuk lirik lagu hanya untuk tujuan promosi saja. Selengkapnya Lirik Lagu Why? (Piano Version) yang dinyanyikan oleh Rendy Pandugo.

  • Title: Why? (Piano Version)
  • Artist: Rendy Pandugo
  • Genre: Indonesia
  • Duration: 03:51 menit
  • Diperbarui: 13 October 2020
Lirik Lagu Why? (Piano Version) :

[Verse 1: Rendy Pandugo]
Our love is such a dream
Fragile and cold as it seems
It was beautiful before
Now we?canít?taste it anymore

[Pre-Chorus 1: Rendy Pandugo]
Distracted?by the time
Surrounded by the lies
We?are broken by the words
We had everything, and now itís lost

[Chorus: Rendy Pandugo]
Why should we say goodbye?
Why do we hate each other?
Why should we say goodbye?
Can't we just stay together?
We can keep the love forever!

[Interlude: Rendy Pandugo]
Ooh ooh ooh

[Verse 3: Rendy Pandugo]
All we need is just to compromise
And make all these things right
Stop this pain, Iím losing my brain
Canít we just rewind, start all over again?

[Pre-Chorus 2: Rendy Pandugo]
Bring all the memories
Stitched up by the melodies
Just donít worry
Weíre gonna feel like
Thatís where we are meant to be

[Chorus: Rendy Pandugo]
(Why should we say goodbye?) Can you tell me why?
(Why do we hate each other?) Oooh
Why should we say goodbye?
Can't we just stay together?
We can keep the love forever
Why should we say goodbye? (Say goodbye)
Why do we hate each other? (each other)
Why should we say goodbye?
Can't we just stay together?
We can keep the love forever

[Bridge: Rendy Pandugo]
We will fight for something we believe, oh yeah
And weíll give up for something that we can't deny, oh yeah
And Here we are, in the edge of the dark
We don't need to feel rush
Cause we'll find the way out, oh yeah
Oooh, we'll find the way out

[Verse 4: Matter Mos & Rendy Pandugo]
Look, the times are hardest
When all we fighting was each other
We at war while we know love is all that matters
We kept falling to the same kind of broken promises
I need to go back to the core cause Iím losing focus
Oh, Lord (Ooh, Lord)
(Yeah, Iím here to stay, girl)
(We can find a way, girl)
('Till I found a way)
I need an ego check
Spoon-fed you my verses
Hereís a humble pie Iím serving
Iím learning Ďbout self love and forgiving
Lemme ask you this question
"Why do we fight when all we got was each other?"

[Outro: Rendy Pandugo]
(There is a place for us)
(There is a hope for love)
(There is a home for love)
(This is the place where we were meant to be)